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Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia (both in terms of population and importance), is situated in the eastern part of the country in the basin on the river Hornád, near Slovakian Ore Mountains and Salt Hills, and relatively close to borders with Hungary (20 km), Ukraine (80 km) and Poland (90 km). The climate of the city is continental and moderately warm with alternating hot summers and cold, partially snowy winters; the average temperatures in July and January are 19°C and -3°C, respectively.

The city is the major economic and industrial centre of eastern Slovakia, accounting for about 9% of the Slovak GDP. The largest local employer (also, the second largest in Slovakia) is the U.S.Steel Košice, a steel factory with about 16000 employees; among other sectors, mechanical engineering, food industry, services and trade have important position as well.

Košice is also the second biggest university site in the country, with four major universities (Technical University, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, University of Veterinary Medicine and  the private Security Management College in Košice) and three university branches emanating from other Slovak cities; in the city, there are over 45 basic schools, 10 grammar schools, 4 commercial academies and 15 specialized secondary schools providing education in industrial technologies, agriculture, health care and the arts.

The historical city centre, being the largest in Slovakia, is well preserved and there are many protected buildings as parts of the national cultural heritage. The centre contains also the Slovakia’s largest church, the St. Elisabeth Cathedral. Historical monuments and buildings (churches, theaters, museums and galleries) are mostly located in or around the long main street, nowadays being a pedestrian zone with many boutiques, restaurants and cafés.

In the city, the oldest annual marathon in Europe and the second oldest in the entire world – the Košice Peace Marathon – takes place on the first Sunday of October. For detailed information please visit the official website. In the year 2013 the city will hold the European Capital of Culture title (together with Marseille, France). For more information on cultural events click here or here.

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