Sunday 7th July
 16:00  Registration - Hotel Yasmin - up to 21:00
 Monday 8th July
 08:00  Registration - foyer close to lecture halls - up to 12:00
 09:00  Opening
 09:10  Andrzej Ruciński: Ramsey properties of random graphs and the Erdős-Hajnal problem
 10:00  Coffee break
 10:30  Marc Noy: Zero-one laws for minor-closed classes of graphs
 11:30  Break for lunch
 Section BSection CSection DSection E
 13:30 Moved Arnfried Kemnitz Timothy Walsh Peter Horák
 14:00 Mark Siggers Margit Voigt Roman Nedela Steve Butler
 14:30 Halina Bielak Jakub Przybyło Tomáš Kaiser Balázs Patkós
 15:00  Coffee break
 15:30 Kinga Dąbrowska Dalibor Fronček Michal Kotrbčík Elgin Kiliç
 16:00 Tomasz Dzido Petr Kovář Veronika Hucíková Attila Kiss
 16:30 Sebastian Kieliszek Tereza Kovářová Katarína Škrovinová Ekrem Oz
 19:00  Evening concert (with subsequent vin d'honneur) - Palace of Arts
 Tuesday 9th July
 09:00  Patrice Ossona de Mendez: A first intermediate class with limit object
 10:00  Coffee break
 10:30  Daniela Kühn: Hamilton decompositions of graphs and digraphs
 11:30  Break for lunch
 Section BSection CSection DSection E
 13:30 Deryk Osthus Jozef Širáň Martin Bača Andrew Goodall
 14:00 John Lapinskas Jana Šiagiová Borut Lužar César Hernández-Cruz
 14:30 Ana Paulina Figueroa Martin Knor Min Chen Jaroslav Nešetřil
 15:00 Susana-Clara López Kiyoshi Ando Bernard Lidický Marek Tesař
 15:30  Coffee break
 16:00 Morisama Tsuchiya Jarek Grytczuk Binlong Li Jan Kratochvíl
 16:30 Manja Reinwardt Erika Škrabuľáková Kenta Ozeki Pavel Klavík
 17:00 Naďa Krivoňáková Tatyana Panyukova Shoichi Tsuchiya Matúš Valo
 17:30 Li-Da Tong Kamil Powroźnik Oranit Panprasitwech Jana Petrillová
 Wednesday 10th July
 09:00  Penny Haxell: Morphing planar graph drawings
 10:00  Coffee break
 10:30  Daniel Štefankovič: Computational complexity of counting and phase transitions
 11:30  Break for lunch
 12:45  Conference trip (with subsequent dinner) - up to 21:00
 Thursday 11th July
 09:00  Bojan Mohar: Immersions of graphs and digraphs
 10:00  Coffee break
 10:30  Jochen Harant: Bounds on independence
 11:30  Break for lunch
 Section BSection CSection DSection E
 13:30 Gyula Y. Katona Ingo Schiermeyer Christoph Brause Daniel Kráľ
 14:00 Csilla Bujtás Iwona Włoch Ngoc Le Máté Vizer
 14:30 Péter Szabó Ľudovít Niepel Atsuhiro Nakamoto Huajun Zhang
 15:00 Zsolt Tuza Jakub Gajarský Kenta Noguchi Anatoly Panyukov
 15:30  Coffee break
 16:00 Hasmik Sahakyan Edita Máčajová Ran Ziv Gábor Nyul
 16:30 Milan Pokorný Barbora Candráková Eduard Eiben Zsófia Kereskényi-Balogh
 17:00 Dragan Stevanović Ján Mazák Ping Wang János Barát
 17:30 Bojana Mihailović Robert Lukoťka Yoomi Rho  
 Friday 12th July
 09:00  Xuding Zhu: Total weight choosability of graphs
 10:00  Coffee break
 10:30  Bjarne Toft: 2-factors in graphs
 11:30  Break for lunch
 Section BSection CSection DSection E
 13:30 Alexander Mednykh Mariusz Meszka Cancelled Eckhard Steffen
 14:00 Jan Volec Seog-Jin Kim Petr Vrána Edita Rollová
 14:30 Jonathan Noel Cancelled Bo Ning Gabriel Semanišin
 15:00  Coffee break
 15:30 Nicolas Gastineau Riste Škrekovski Slamin Michelle Delcourt
 16:00 Hanna Furmańczyk František Kardoš Mária Ždímalová Silvia Gago
 16:30 Florian Pfender Nikola Milosavljević Nicolas Lichiardopol Rinovia Simanjuntak
 17:00 Grzegorz Gutowski Róbert Hajduk Přemek Holub Marek Derňár
 19:00  Farewell party - raut (Lower Gate)
 Saturday 13th July
 09:00  Gareth Jones: Bipartite graph embeddings, Riemann surfaces and Galois groups
 10:00  Coffee break
 10:30  Herbert Fleischner: Hamiltonian cycles: existence and uniqueness



The excursion halfday will be Wednesday 10th July. You can choose from one of the three possibilities below. The choice of a trip can be made in the section registration (after signing in as a registered participant) until the beginning of the conference. It will also be possible to choose a trip during a personal registation.

Trip 1: Levoča and Spiš Castle

Meeting points:  12:45 University campus accommodation / Medická 2
 12:55 Hotel Yasmin / Tyršovo nábrežie 1

The old town of Levoča is picturesquely sited and still surrounded by most of its ancient walls. The main entrance to the old town is via the monumental Košice Gate (15th century) behind which the ornate baroque Church of the Holy Spirit and the New Minorite Monastery await visitors. The town square, named Master Paul's Square, boasts three major monuments; the quaint Old Town Hall (15th-17th century) which now contains a museum, the domed Evangelical Lutheran Church (1837) and the 14th century Roman Catholic Church of St. James, which houses a magnificently carved and painted wooden Gothic altar, the largest in Europe, 18.62m in height, created by Master Paul around 1520. The square is very well preserved and contains a number of striking buildings which were the townhouses of the local nobility in the late Middle Ages.

For more information click here.

The ruins of Spiš Castle form one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.
Spiš Castle was built in the 12th century and was owned by the king of Hungary until 1464, later by several noble families. In 1780, the castle burned down, and has been in ruins ever since. The castle was partly reconstructed in the second half of the 20th century, and extensive archaeological research was carried out on the site.

For more information click here.

Trip 2: Betliar and Ochtinská aragonite cave

Meeting points:  12:45 Hotel Yasmin / Tyršovo nábrežie 1
 12:55 University campus accommodation / Medická 2

Betliar manor house was built in the 18th century and its history is closely related to the Andrássy family.
The interior is decorated with authentic luxurious furniture and art collections. The library is especially noteworthy as it contains 15 000 volumes of mostly scientific literature from the 18th and the 19th century. In the exterior one can find a beatiful garden with exotic plants and trees.

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave is a unique aragonite cave situated in southern Slovakia, near Rožňava. Although only 300 m long, it is famous for its rare aragonite filling. There are only three aragonite caves discovered in the world so far.
In the so-called Milky Way Hall, the main attraction of the cave, white branches and clusters of aragonite shine like stars in the Milky Way. The cave was discovered by chance in 1954 and opened to the public in 1972. Along with other caves of the Slovak Karst, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For further information click here.

Trip 3: Historic centre of Košice

Meeting point:  14:45 St. Elisabeth Cathedral / Hlavná street

Take a tour through the historic centre of Košice with a local guide and learn something most people don't know about this beatiful city. First of all, you will visit the St. Elisabeth Cathedral (Dome of Košice), a pearl of Gothic architecture, known among other things for its serpentine Gothic stairway (there are only five of them in Europe) and for the Rákóczi crypt. Near the Dome you will admire St. Michael Chapel. In Zvonárska street you will find the orthodox Jewish synagogue (hosting now a photographic exhibition of Yuri Dojc). You will also enter the Lower Gate, the archaeological museum in the underground of Hlavná street, based on foundings due to reconstruction works in 1996-1998.

For further information about Košice see bookmark Location on our website.

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